English Songs

Primary 1


My Sister – Good Morning Song

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My Sister – Good Afternoon Song

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My Sister – Goodbye Song

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My Sister – The Goodbye Song

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My Sister – Rainbow Song

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My Sister – Hi! Hello!

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My Sister – The Alphabet Chat B,R,T,A

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My Friend , Oscar – Miss So’s Group Song

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My Friend , Oscar – Mr Harry’s Group Song

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My Friend , Oscar – One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Rhyme

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My Friend , Oscar – The Alphabet Chant- m,o,s,h

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Grandma and the birthday cake – Pat-A-cake,Pat-A-cake

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Grandma and the birthday cake – Make a Cake Chant

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Grandma and the birthday cake – The Cake Rhyme

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Grandma and the birthday cake – The Alphabet Chant- c,e,l,n

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A Paper Plate Mask – Put Your Finger on Your Nose

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A Paper Plate Mask – This Is The Way

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A Paper Plate Mask – The Alphabet Chant – j,p,y,i

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Where Am I – Tom, Tom, What Can You See

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Where Am I – The Fat Cat-‘at’ Chant

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Where Am I – The Alphabet Chant- f,w,u

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Fun Time at the Zoo – The Fun Bun

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Fun Time at the Zoo – The Alphabet Chant- d, g, k

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Primary 2



The Magic Science Museum – How Are You Song Chart

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The Magic Science Museum – ‘ip’ Chant

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The Magic Science Museum – Wheels on the Bus Song

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The Magic Science Museum – The Alphabet Chant- qu,x,z

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At the Beach – Daddy’s Taking Us to the Beach Song

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At the Beach – ‘ot ‘ Chant

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At the Beach – ‘Sh’ Chant

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At the Beach – The Alphabet Chant- v

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Our Cousins in Canada – ‘ch’ Song

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Our Cousins in Canada – ‘et’ Chant

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Our Cousins in Canada – I Love You, You Love Me Song

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Our Cousins in Canada – Thank You Chant

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Our Cousins in Canada – The Chants- ch, wh

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Our Cousins in Canada – Who am I Song

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A Tale of Two Turtles – What’s The Weather

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A Tale of Two Turtles – The Alphabet Chant’_h’, ‘ad’, ‘am’, ‘an’, ‘a-‘, ‘o-‘

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Souperman – Yummy In My Tummy

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Souperman – The Alphabet Chant ‘ed’, ‘eg’, ‘en’, ‘ib’, ‘id’, ‘ig’, ‘im’, ‘in’, ‘it’, ‘ix’

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Henry Hamster’s Week – Busy Henry Hamster

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Henry Hamster’s Week – Days Of The Week (Tune Of Addam Family)

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Henry Hamster’s Week – The Alphabet Chant ‘ud’, ‘ug’, ‘um’, ‘up’, ‘ut’

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