5B 蔡東賢 獲 英文寫作比賽高級組亞軍

5B 蔡東賢 獲 九龍塘獅子會及宏施慈善基金葵涌社會服務處合辦 全港新來港小學生英文寫作比賽 高級組亞軍

Saturday Playgroup 周六幼兒免費英文班

本校一直致力服務黃大仙區內的兒童,為了讓更多區內的兒童能有機會與外籍老師溝通及接觸,及參與一些英語活動,本校得到RANG SS Foundation的贊助,將舉辦一個名為「Saturday Playgroup 周六幼兒免費英文班」,詳情如下: 日    期: 星期六(3/12/2016, 10/12/2016, 11/2/2017, 25/2/2017, 11/3/2017, 25/3/2017, 8/4/2017, 29/4/2017, 13/5/2017, 27/5/2017) (共10節) 時    間: 上午10時 至 11時 (1小時) 地    點: 本校英語室 (309室) 費    用: 全免 對    象: 15-27個月大幼兒 內    容: 主題學習、遊戲、音樂及美術活動等 備    註: 1.    必須由家長陪同上課 2.    學額以抽籤形式分配 3.    本年度領取綜援、關愛基金或有成員獲批全額書簿津貼的家庭優先報讀 活動報名表格:


感謝AccessHK的一班留學生義工,在暑假期間與天虹學生一同學習一個星期,讓孩子們有不一樣的英文學習體驗。   轉載自:2016-08-26《有線新聞 小事大意義》作育「英」才

2016-04-08 P.4 Rugby English Active Learning Program & Rugby Sevens

This year, our P.4 students have a chance to join the Rugby English Active Learning Program co-organized by SCOLAR English Alliance 15/16 and Hong Kong Rugby Football Union. In the program, students were engaged in some reading, and they learnt some basic rules in playing rugby. They also played some games and learnt some skills about rugby playing. Besides, they were also invited to


2016-02-24 P.1 Pizza Express Visits

Our P.1 students learnt two procedural texts this year. In the unit ‘Grandma and the Birthday Cake’, they learnt to follow simple steps to make cake. They also tried making jelly in the English lessons before. Apart from these, our students also have a chance to visit Pizza Express in which they learnt to make pizzas by themselves. They could choose the ingredients they


2015-10-23 P.2 A Visit to the Hong Kong Science Museum

In P.2, students came across a unit called ‘The Magic Science Museum’. They learnt about different floors and something they may see in the Science Museum. At the same time, they learnt something about electricity and power in General Studies. They then visited the Hong Kong Science Museum and deepen their learning in both English and GS classes. All of the students had a


Speech Festival Poems (Recordings) – 2015

1. Talking to the Wall by John Foster P1 Boys (Mervyn P1C) 2. Watching TV by Roger Stevens P2 Boys (Percy P2B) 3. February the Fifteenth by Roger Stevens P4 Girls (Yumi and Yuni) 4. The Dragon by Kevin McCann P4 Boys (Eliah) 5. I Think My Teacher Is A Cowboy by John Coldwell P5 Girls (Emily and Sarunya) http://www.sap.edu.hk/CustomPage/42/info/Speech%20Festival/poem_recordings_2015/U30.wav   More on Speech


eKids 《PCM 電腦廣場》報導本校 帶著孩子跑到戶外學環保英語

2015-04-07 eKids 《PCM 電腦廣場》帶著孩子跑到戶外學環保英語

S.T.A.R Club

Home Reading

Primary 1 My Sister 01 My Bag 02 My Pet 03 Kimmy in the Toy Shop 04 My Dinosaur 05 R 06 B 07 T 08 A My Friend,Oscar 01 Ten Book and Ten Pencils 02 A Play 03 My Friend 04 What is on the Mat 05 H 06 M 07 S 08 O Grandma and the Birthday Cake 01 Dad 02 The